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We're very excited to welcome you to the re-launch of our PedsCasees website. Work towards this new website has been years in the making!

We are pleased to announce that PedsCases podcasts have exceeded 250,000 downloads in over 108 countries!

Check out this classic video from PedsCases on Otoscopy.

Latest Cases

You are a third year medical student on an emergency medicine rotation. The triage nurse tells you that a young mother has brought in her 2 and 1/2 month old baby boy because he “won’t wake up” and has been “shaking”. You quickly enter the room and find Latisha, a 17 year old first time mom and her son Jamal. Jamal is unresponsive.


You are a student intern completing an elective in pediatrics when you meet Mrs. O’Neil and her daughter, Katie, in clinic. Mrs. O’Neil states 7 year old Katie has poor attention, school difficulties and stomachaches which started about the same time as the receipt of this year’s fall report card. It is now spring. 


Annie, an 8-month-old girl brought in by her mother. Annie’s mother tells you that Annie has been passing loose, watery stools approximately every hour for the past two days.


At the end of the case the learner should be able

• To appreciate the differences between adult and pediatric cardiovascular physical exam. 
• To describe and differentiate innocent and pathologic murmurs 
• To list common symptoms and signs associated with pathological murmurs 
• To determine what follow-up investigations should be ordered 
• To describe and differentiate acyanotic and cyanotic lesions

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