Approach to Pediatric Hypertension

This episode presents an approach to pediatric hypertension. Listeners will learn about the differential diagnosis, and pathogenesis of hypertension. Listeners will also develop an approach to the clinical presentation and initial investigations for a child with hypertension. This podcast was developed by Dr. Peter Gill, a senior resident at the University of Toronto in collaboration with Dr. Seetha Radhakrishnan, a Pediatric Nephrologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children. 

Approach to Pediatric Head Injury

This podcast presents an approach to the management of acute head injuries in children. In this episode, listeners will learn about the initial stabilization and management of a patient with an acute head injury, further investigations and indications for imaging, as well as elements of disposition planning. The podcast was developed by Mark McKinney in collaboration with Dr. Peter Gill, a pediatric resident at the Hospital for Sick Children at the University of Toronto. 


This podcast presents an approach to the diagnosis and management of meningitis in children. Listeners will learn the etiology and epidemiology of meningitis in different age groups, explore the clinical presentation, pertinent investigations and understand the management of bacterial and viral meningitis according to the most recent guidelines. This podcast was developed by Linda Ding, a medical student at the University of Alberta, in conjunction with Dr.

Pediatric Headache

This podcast gives learners an approach to headaches in pediatric patients. The podcast gives an overview of headache classification and the pathophysiology of headache. Learners are given key pointers regarding the history, physical exam and investigations. The diagnosis and management of specific primary and secondary headaches is then discussed. This episode was written by Dr. John Neilson, a pediatric neurology resident at the University of Alberta. It was reviewed by Dr. Melanie Lewis, a general pediatrician at the University of Alberta.